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Content is King, Traffic is Queen, Backlinks Are Peon

Quality Contents

The world of website business has presented a tough field for competition. Thus, every webmaster must continuously make use of available resource for him to boost his site to the top. In this playing field, he can make use of his web content as his king, traffic as his queen, and backlinks as his peon. When properly utilized, this can ensure to make the site, the most popular, relevant, useful and credible.

Content can become soul of a website as it a tool for building relation with prospective clients. While these clients will look on the feel and look of website, quality content is far more important. The undeniable importance of web content is more prominent to website users and search engines. While the latter crawls on pages of a site, it will usually look for high quality content. The quality of content is the most valued factor in ranking websites. Search engines will provide their users with the most useful and best content if they type a certain keyword. Quality content also benefits internet users as it is the one which can provide them with fundamental and advanced information about a specific topic.

Content helps in generating links to the website. Getting these links is the most effective way of making your website popular while at the same time credible to search engines. With content that provides authentic information, user friendly and unique presentation and concise and proper grammar, it would be a lot easier to get links. This is because everyone that comes to your site will find the content useful and place it on their own website for added value to customers. This means that more visitors will come to your site and will surely boost Google ranking.

Targeted Traffic

Perhaps you have heard the words ‘targeted traffic’, but do not completely understand how important it is for your website. This term actually means finding those right people to visit your site. You may have already attracted many visitors, but if they will not buy from you, the effort you have given is fruitless. Targeted website is considered as one factor that determines either the success of the failure of most commercial websites.

Receiving this targeted traffic means having visitors on your site that are pre-qualified as they click on a link or ad which described your site accurately and what it is offering. If someone has click on an ad which tells that you are selling this product, there is a big chance that he is interested in one. If he clicks on an ad which describes your product but to find out that it is not what he is looking for, you have wasted ad fee and bandwidth. Thus, it is very important that you be able to get only the targeted traffic to your site.

One way of getting targeted traffic is by exchanging links with other sites which specializes in same thing. While some webmasters are cynical about it as it can mean linking to a competitor, this view can be considered short-sighted. While it is true that there is a possibility of sending your visitors to a competitor, you need to think that the competitor is also linking his precious visitors to you. If this is done properly, exchange of links can increase your targeted traffic as well as sales.

Another way of doing this is by advertising on relevant sites with high traffic. By building pay per click ad campaign that is effective and using relevant synonyms, you sure will bring more targeted traffic.  You may also write articles which offer valuable information concerning the product you are selling, then offer it to others webmaster to be place for free on their sites.


If content is the king and targeted traffic is the queen, backlinks are the peon for the success of your website. The number of hits on backlinks is a determinative factor of the importance and popularity of websites. This is crucial to search engine optimization as most search engines gives more credit to site which have good number and quality backlinks. These sites are considered to more relevant as compared to others when it comes to result pages on search queries.

It is not enough that your site gets huge number of backlinks getting into it. Rather, there is a need for huge number of quality backlinks. When the inbound link visit comes from another site, the latter must have content which are related to yours. The more relevant it is, the greater the quality is. If your links are found on site with less relevant content, this means that the inbound link is not of good quality. In addition to this related site theme for gaining quality links, you may also use anchor text. This is the incorporation of keywords on the hyperlink text. This can also significantly boost the score of your quality backlinks.







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