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Organic Web Traffic

AllSEOStar - Cheap Organic Web Traffic For Your Website


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Best Price in Organic Web Traffic
From Major Search Engines,
Pour your site with Organic Traffic &
Get Organic Traffic Visit Benefit now~

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Product Description

Organic Web Traffic

Cheapest Unique Daily Organic Web Traffic to your website

The Organic Web Traffic that we have is not like other Traffic service, you could choose referal url and targeted search engines.
(url could be from major search engine : Google,Aol,Lycos,Ask,Yahoo,Bing,Yandex,Baidu,Mamma,Virgilio,etc,you name it).
We want you to be fully satisfied.

Your traffic will start not more than 1 (one) work day, we are off in weekend (Sat-Sun),
If you’re in GMT +7 zone, Your traffic order will start not more than 12 hours.
All you need to do is send us your website URL and what referal sites that you want the visitors come from?

If we still not activate the traffic within 2 work days, let us know and You will get a full refund ! ~ Guaranteed.

Thats all you had to do and we will set the campaign! We cannot guarantee that the Organic Traffic will come from real visitors.

The visits to your website or blog page will be tracked as Organic Web Traffic in Google Analytics.

What do you have to lose? Nothing ! You will only see and get your site more popular in search engines and Alexa
With our Organic Web Traffic services.

We guarantee you will see visits from us once we get your website started in our traffic site!
Just send us your website url, and we will process it for you, That’s all…

Your Sites will receiving visits from Real Human Computers which will interact with your site pages.

Our Organic Web Traffic will help increase your search engines Page Ranking on Google,Bing,Yahoo,Ask & other Major Search Engines and Grow your pageviews and hits counter in Google Analytics!

Our Traffic is also considered Adsense Safe.
Our Prices are the Cheapest among our competitor for Organic Traffic services,
If you found cheaper, You could bargain our price and we will give you the best price for you.

It is very important to get hits and traffic to any website that you want to be successful.
You may also get some Sales and Promote the Content on your Websites. (not guaranteed)

What makes our services different from our competitors ? :
- We allow pop up but not more than 2 popup/campaign (other web traffic services are not allowing popups)
- We allow adult, gambling, blackhat, warez sites (other competitor services are not allowing those sites)

Restriction that are not allowed :
- We not allow website that contain auto downloader & malwares cause it will harming our real human visitors computers.
- We not allow website that need to have a signup or similiar Cost Per Action sites.
- We not allow very heavy loading site, as it would make visitors to close your website before they ever landed on your site.
- We not allow url shortening link for Organic Traffic.

A.What is the meaning of Organic Web Traffic? :
Organic Web Traffic is Visitor that comes to major search engines, enter the niche/ keywords that you had choose then
Go to your site by clicking keyword links in search engines.

B. What’s the advantages of Organic Web Traffic? :
1. Visitors/Traffic is very interested on your niche or targeted keywords. That makes your keywords and website considered
more valueable by Search Engines.

2. Google and other major Search Engine really loves and count Organic Web Traffic, cause it comes from targeted niche visitors,thus will make your website even more popular in Search Engines keywords indexing.

3. Get your Rank increase more faster in Alexa and Google indexed with the niche keywords that you choose.
(we support most languages for keywords, including Chinese, Japanese, Greek, etc)

4. SEO lethal weapon for your website. You could Get more sales/conversion when your site listed and
indexed on page one of major search engines.

5. You will have a better possibility on increasing your Google Page Ranking.
More over if you combined with our other SEO services.

Get more days as Bonus on Longer Period Order :

30 days get 2 days for FREE

60 & 90 days get 6 days for FREE

120 days get 16 days for FREE

180 days get 30 days for FREE

Organic web traffic comes from major Search Engines that you had choose,
You could monitor and check it with your Google Analytics tools.

(and it will record web traffic are coming from search engine & will have Organic “label” in the left side of real time GA stats).

If you are using Shared hosting, please make sure your Hosting is capable of handling the Traffic Spike Increase,
or otherwise your site will Down.

(We recommend you Host on Virtual Private Server or Dedicated server if you order more than 5400/day),
We are not responsible nor replace the ongoing traffic if your website is Down due to your site technical problems.

We welcome all Reseller for our Organic Traffic starting from $ 750 for 2.5 Million Organic Traffic Visitors.
Contact us for more bigger package.

We encourage that you examine our ToS before you place an order.

Organic Web Traffic Campaign monitoring will be using Google Analytics / GA,
We will only take claim report from your GA, so you must implement GA tracking code on your website

If you had any questions, please do not hesitate to drop us an email.

Kind Regards,


AllSeoStar Admin

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9000/day, 7200/day, 5400/day, 3600/day, 1800/day

Number of Days

180 Days, 120 Days, 90 Days, 60 Days, 30 Days, 15 Days

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Just ordered for 7 days and I love the Traffic that i just purchased, had seen some improvement in my alexa rank and SERP, Thanks alot, will order again to you

    • out of 5

      We are glad that you had a positive result mate, best of luck with your business

      kind regards


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